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Marine Zooplankton Detailed Records

<p>This dataset contains zooplankton samples collected from Puget Sound and analyzed by the Keister lab at the University of Washington. For more information see the King County <a href="">marine zooplankton webpage. </a></p><p>This specific dataset summarizes zooplankton abundance and biomass data to the lowest practical taxonomic unit, and includes life history stage information (where available). An additional dataset summarizing total zooplankton abundance and biomass by sample is available <a href= "" >HERE . </a></p><p>For locator information, see the <a href="">WLRD Water Quality Collection Sites</a> dataset.</p><p>For corresponding water quality data matched by Profile ID see the <a href="">Water Quality</a> dataset.</p>


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Sample IDsample_idsample_idNumberUnique identifier to link samples collected from the same net
SpeciesspeciesspeciesTextSpecies level of taxon
PhylumphylumphylumTextPhylum level of taxon
KingdomkingdomkingdomTextKingdom level of taxon
SexsexsexTextFor some adult, male and females are distinguished
RankrankrankTextTaxonomic rank identified to
Abundance (Ind/m^3)abundance_ind_m_3abundance_ind_m_3NumberAbundance of the taxon and its life history stage
TaxontaxontaxonTextIdentified taxon (could be at the genus level, family level, etc.)
Biomass (mg C/m^3)biomassmg_c_m3biomassmg_c_m3NumberBiomass of the taxon and its life history stage
Volume Sampled (m^3)volume_sampled_m_3volume_sampled_m_3NumberTotal volume of sample collected
Station Depth (m)station_depth_mstation_depth_mNumberDepth of station in meters
CollectDateTimecollectdatetimecollectdatetimeCalendar dateDate and time samples were collected
Site Namesite_namesite_nameTextDescription of sample collection location
FamilyfamilyfamilyTextFamily level of taxon
OrderorderorderTextOrder level of taxon
Tow Depth (m) estimatedtow_depth_m_estimatedtow_depth_m_estimatedNumberMaximum depth tow was deployed to (estimated in meters)
QualityqualityqualityNumberCode indicating overall quality of the data (see DataReadMeFile_WQ.docx for definitions)
LocatorlocatorlocatorTextCoordinate information available at:
DataSourcedatasourcedatasourceTextWho the data were analyzed by
Tow Typetow_typetow_typeTextSample collection method identifying type of zooplankton tow
BasinbasinbasinTextPuget Sound Basin where samples were collected
AgencyagencyagencyTextGroup who collected the zooplankton samples
Mesh Size (um)mesh_size_ummesh_size_umNumberSize of net mesh
Steward Notesteward_notesteward_noteTextText entered by secondary data reviewers
Functional Groupfunctional_groupfunctional_groupTextHigh-level taxonomic group
GenusgenusgenusTextGenus level of taxon
ClassclassclassTextClass level of taxon
SSMSP Taxa Groupssmsp_taxa_groupssmsp_taxa_groupTextSalish Sea Marine Survival Project taxa group
Life Stagelife_stagelife_stageTextLife history stage of the taxon
Sensor Depth (m)sensor_depth_msensor_depth_mNumberMaximum depth of tow based on sensor (only for oblique tows, in meters)
UW Sample Codeuw_sample_codeuw_sample_codeTextUnique sample identifier used by the University of Washington Keister Lab to track samples
Profile IDprofile_idprofile_idNumberUnique identifier to link samples collected on the same day, at the same place, but at different depths
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