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Marine Zooplankton Grouped by Sample

<p>This dataset contains zooplankton samples collected from Puget Sound and analyzed by the Keister lab at the University of Washington. For more information see the King County <a href="">marine zooplankton webpage. </a></p><p>This specific dataset summarizes zooplankton abundance and biomass data in an entire sample (abundance and biomass of all species added together). An additional dataset which includes abundance and biomass to a fine taxonomic resolution including life history stages is available <a href= "" >HERE. </a></p><p>For locator information, see the <a href="">WLRD Water Quality Collection Sites</a> dataset.</p><p>For corresponding water quality data matched by Profile ID see the <a href="">Water Quality</a> dataset.</p>


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AgencyagencyagencyTextGroup who collected the zooplankton samples
BasinbasinbasinTextPuget Sound Basin where samples were collected
Total Unique Taxatotal_unique_taxatotal_unique_taxaNumberNumber of unique taxa included in the sample (see Marine Zooplankton Detailed Records for fine resolution data)
Mesh Size (um)mesh_size_ummesh_size_umNumberSize of net mesh
Station Depth (m)station_depth_mstation_depth_mNumberDepth of station in meters
Tow Typetow_typetow_typeTextSample collection method identifying type of zooplankton tow
Profile IDprofile_idprofile_idNumberUnique identifier to link samples collected on the same day, at the same place, but at different depths
Sample IDsample_idsample_idNumberUnique identifier to link samples collected from the same net
Steward Notesteward_notesteward_noteTextText entered by secondary data reviewers
Total Biomass (mg C/m^3)total_biomass_ind_m_3total_biomass_ind_m_3NumberAbundance of all zooplankton taxa in the sample (minus excluded taxa, see ZooplanktonReadMe.docx)
Total Abundance (Ind/m^3)total_abundance_ind_m_3total_abundance_ind_m_3NumberAbundance of all zooplankton taxa in the sample (minus excluded taxa, see ZooplanktonReadMe.docx)
Collection Confidencecollection_confidencecollection_confidenceTextConfidence in quality of sample collection
Volume Sampled (m^3)volume_sampled_m_3volume_sampled_m_3NumberTotal volume of sample collected
Sensor Depth (m)sensor_depth_msensor_depth_mTextMaximum depth of tow based on sensor (only for oblique tows, in meters)
CollectDateTimecollectdatetimecollectdatetimeCalendar dateDate and time samples were collected
UW Sample Codeuw_sample_codeuw_sample_codeTextUnique sample identifier used by the University of Washington Keister Lab to track samples
DataSourcedatasourcedatasourceTextWho the data were analyzed by
Tow Depth (estimated)tow_depth_estimatedtow_depth_estimatedNumberMaximum depth tow was deployed to (estimated in meters)
Site Namesite_namesite_nameTextDescription of sample collection location
LocatorlocatorlocatorTextCoordinate information available at:
QualityqualityqualityNumberCode indicating overall quality of the data (see DataReadMeFile_WQ.docx for definitions)
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