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Water Quality

This dataset contains water quality samples collected from Puget Sound, lakes, and streams in the region which can be filtered by "Site Type" and "Area".

To see where water quality samples are collected, see the <a href="">WLRD Water Quality Collection Sites</a> dataset.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Sample IDsampleidsampleidTextUnique identifier to link samples collected from the same bottle
SitesitesiteTextDescription of sample collection location
Sample Numbersample_numbersample_numberTextUnique identifier applied by the laboratory for samples collected from the same bottle
RDLrdlrdlNumberReporting detection limit (see DataReadMeFile_WQ for more details)
AreaareaareaTextDescription of general area sample was collected. For freshwater samples this may include WRIA down to specific creeks)
LocatorlocatorlocatorTextCoordinate information will be available in another list
Depth (m)depthdepthNumberDepth sample was collected (meters)
Sample InfosampleinfosampleinfoTextText entered by laboratory analysts, specific to the sample
QualityIdqualityidqualityidNumberCode indicating overall quality of the data (see DataReadMeFile_WQ for definitions)
Data SourcedatasourcedatasourceTextWho the data were analyzed by
Site Typesite_typesite_typeTextGeneral description of where sample was collected (e.g., marine beach, large lake, stream)
UnitsunitsunitsTextUnits associated with the value (see DataReadMeFile_WQ for definitions)
Lab Qualifierlab_qualifierlab_qualifierTextQualifier applied by laboratory analysts (see DataReadMeFile_WQ for definitions)
ReplicatesreplicatesreplicatesTextIndicates if there are replicate samples
Replicate OfreplicateofreplicateofTextIndicates the sample number of the replicate
ParameterparameterparameterTextWhat was analyzed, typically multiple parameters per sample
Date AnalyzeddateanalyzeddateanalyzedCalendar dateDate the sample was analyzed for a particular parameter
Grab IDgrabidgrabidTextUnique identifier to link samples collected at the same time but run for different program components (e.g., phytoplankton and water quality data collected together)
Profile IDprofileidprofileidTextUnique identifier to link samples collected on the same day, at the same place, but at different depths
Collect DateTimecollect_datetimecollect_datetimeCalendar dateCombined date and time sample was collected
MDLmdlmdlNumberMethod detection limit (see DataReadMeFile_WQ for more details)
Text ValuetextvaluetextvalueTextText entered by laboratory analysts, specific to the parameter
Steward NotestewardnotestewardnoteTextText entered by secondary data reviewers
MethodmethodmethodTextMethod used for analysis