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Existing Buildings Energy & Water Efficiency (EBEWE) Program

Existing Buildings Energy & Water Efficiency (EBEWE) Program

The City's Existing Buildings Energy & Water Efficiency (EBEWE) Program was established in 2016 (LA Municipal Code Section 91.9701, Ordinance No. 184674) and is administered by the Department of Building and Safety(LADBS). It requires that owners of buildings subject to the Ordinance, to annually register their building (includes pay fees) and file a benchmark report of energy and water usage for their buildings for the Compliance Year. The EBEWE dataset includes the Compliance Year, Building Address, Compliance Status, various energy and water use benchmark data, and the last 3 digits of the Assessor Identification Number (AIN). For a complete explanation of the Program, including reporting requirements, please visit LADBS' EBEWE site at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ENERGY STAR CERTIFICATION - LAST APPROVAL DATEenergy_star_cert_2energy_star_cert_2TextENERGY STAR Certification - Last Approval Date
BUILDING ADDRESSbuilding_addressbuilding_addressTextAddress of Building
LADBS Building Categorybuilding_programclassbuilding_programclassText
TOTAL WATER USE (kgal)water_usewater_useTextWater Use (All Water Sources) (kgal)
INDOOR WATER USE (kgal)indoor_water_useindoor_water_useTextIndoor Water Use (All Water Sources) (kgal)
ENERGY STAR CERTIFICATION - YEAR(S) CERTIFIEDenergy_star_cert_1energy_star_cert_1TextENERGY STAR Certification - Year(s) Certified
COMPLIANCE STATUScompliancecomplianceTextThe status of the record in regards to the EBEWE Ordinance
ENTITY RESPONSIBLE FOR BENCHMARKorganizationorganizationTextOrganization
BUILDING IDbuilding_idbuilding_idTextID for building
YEAR BUILTyear_builtyear_builtTextYear Built
WEATHER NORMALIZED SOURCE ENERGY USE INTENSITY (EUI) (kBtu/ft²)weather_normalized_4weather_normalized_4TextWeather Normalized Source EUI (kBtu/ft²)
SITE ENERGY USE INTENSITY (EUI) (kBtu/ft²)site_euisite_euiTextSite EUI (kBtu/ft²)
PROPERTY TYPEprimary_property_1primary_property_1TextPrimary Property Type - Self Selected
INDOOR WATER USE INTENSITY (gal/ft²)indoor_water_use_intensityindoor_water_use_intensityTextIndoor Water Use Intensity (All Water Sources) (gal/ft²)
% DIFFERENCE FROM NATIONAL MEDIAN SITE EUIpercent_difference_1percent_difference_1Text% Difference from National Median Site EUI
CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS (Metric Ton CO2e)total_ghg_emissionstotal_ghg_emissionsTextTotal GHG Emissions (Metric Tons CO2e)
PROGRAM YEARprogram_yearprogram_yearTextThe year for which the record must comply with the EBEWE Ordinance
GROSS BUILDING FLOOR AREA (ft²)property_gfa_1property_gfa_1TextProperty GFA - Self-Reported (ft²)
WEATHER NORMALIZED SITE ENERGY USE INTENSITY (EUI) (kBtu/ft²)weather_normalized_3weather_normalized_3TextWeather Normalized Site EUI (kBtu/ft²)
OUTDOOR WATER USE (kgal)outdoor_water_useoutdoor_water_useTextOutdoor Water Use (All Water Sources) (kgal)
% DIFFERENCE FROM NATIONAL MEDIAN SOURCE EUIpercent_difference_2percent_difference_2Text% Difference from National Median Source EUI
Source EUI (kBtu/ft²)source_euisource_euiTextSource EUI (kBtu/ft²)
NUMBER OF BUILDINGSnumber_of_buildingsnumber_of_buildingsTextNumber of Buildings
ENERGY STAR CERTIFICATION - ELIGIBILITYenergy_star_cert_3energy_star_cert_3TextENERGY STAR Certification - Eligibility
ENERGY STAR SCOREenergy_star_scoreenergy_star_scoreTextENERGY STAR Score
POSTAL CODEpostal_codepostal_codeTextPostal Code

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