Listing of Active Businesses

Listing of Active Businesses

Listing of all active businesses currently registered with the Office of Finance. An "active" business is defined as a registered business whose owner has not notified the Office of Finance of a cease of business operations. Update Interval: Monthly.

NAICS Codes are from 2007 NAICS:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Zip Codes:@computed_region_qz3q_ghft:@computed_region_qz3q_ghftNumber
LOCATION (state)location_1_statelocation_1_stateText
Census Tracts:@computed_region_k96s_3jcv:@computed_region_k96s_3jcvNumber
Council Districts:@computed_region_kqwf_mjcx:@computed_region_kqwf_mjcxNumber
Neighborhood Councils (Certified):@computed_region_2dna_qi2s:@computed_region_2dna_qi2sNumber
Precinct Boundaries:@computed_region_tatf_ua23:@computed_region_tatf_ua23Number
LA Specific Plans:@computed_region_ur2y_g4cx:@computed_region_ur2y_g4cxNumber
LOCATION (address)location_1_addresslocation_1_addressText
LOCATION ACCOUNT #location_accountlocation_accountTextThe account number of the business location.
DBA NAMEdba_namedba_nameTextDoing Business As (DBA) name. If more than one DBA name exists, then all names are shown as a pipe-separated list.
BUSINESS NAMEbusiness_namebusiness_nameTextThe legal name of the business.
PRIMARY NAICS DESCRIPTIONprimary_naics_descriptionprimary_naics_descriptionTextDescription of the primary NAICS code. Descriptions that are noted as "(1997 NAICS)" apply the code and description designated in 1997 as referred to in the New Business Exemption Ordinance.
STREET ADDRESSstreet_addressstreet_addressTextStreet address of the business location.
COUNCIL DISTRICTcouncil_districtcouncil_districtNumberThe council district # reflects the current council district assignment for that location address. "0" means the business location is out of the City.
LOCATION (zip)location_1_ziplocation_1_zipText
LOCATION (city)location_1_citylocation_1_cityText
LOCATIONlocation_1location_1PointLatitude & Longitude, if present, for this business location.
LOCATION END DATElocation_end_datelocation_end_dateTextThe most recent end date of all business activities at the location.
LOCATION START DATElocation_start_datelocation_start_dateCalendar dateThe start date of the first business activity registered at this location.
NAICSnaicsnaicsTextThe self-reported North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code, which is used in classifying business establishments.
MAILING ZIP CODEmailing_zip_codemailing_zip_codeTextMailing address Zip code of the business.
MAILING CITYmailing_citymailing_cityTextMailing address city of the business.
MAILING ADDRESSmailing_addressmailing_addressTextMailing address of the business.
LOCATION DESCRIPTIONlocation_descriptionlocation_descriptionTextAbbreviated address description of the business location.
ZIP CODEzip_codezip_codeTextZip code of the business location.
CITYcitycityTextCity of the business location.

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