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Aggregated Service Requests

Aggregated Service Requests

This dataset shows the number of service requests completed each month by type, and the average number of days it took to complete them. These service requests are aggregated from multiple sources, including 311 service requests, SeeClickFix, and requests created by city users. Where applicable, the service level agreement (SLA) is also shown, as well as the number of service requests completed within the SLA, within two times the SLA, and more than two times the SLA.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
REQUEST_TYPErequest_typerequest_typeTextType of service request
AVERAGEaverageaverageNumberAverage number of days to close all requests for a specific request type
CLOSEDclosedclosedCalendar dateMonth and year in which the service requests were closed
Less than 2X SLAless_than_2x_slaless_than_2x_slaNumberNumber of requests closed within two times the SLA
Month Ordermonth_ordermonth_orderNumberDatabase tool that assigns a number to each month and allows sorting by month order
More than 2X SLAmore_than_2x_slamore_than_2x_slaNumberNumber of requests closed more than two times the SLA
SLAslaslaTextGoal (in number of days) for the City to close a specific request type. SLA stands for "Service Level Agreement."
Percent in SLApercent_in_slapercent_in_slaNumberPercent of requests closed within the SLA
Closed in SLAclosed_in_slaclosed_in_slaNumberNumber of requests closed within the SLA
TOTALtotaltotalNumberNumber of service requests completed each month by type

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