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Bike Facilities

Bike Facilities

This dataset is a cumulative total by year of total bike facilities and bike facilities broken out by type.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
YearyearyearTextCalendar Year
Year Totalyear_totalyear_totalNumber
Cumulative Totaltotal_bike_facilitiestotal_bike_facilitiesNumberTotal miles of bike facilities, all types (running total)
Bike Lanebike_lanebike_laneNumberMiles of bike lanes
Buffered Bike Lanebuffered_bike_lanebuffered_bike_laneNumberMiles of buffered bike lanes
Cycle Trackcycle_trackcycle_trackNumberMiles of cycle track
Signed Shared Roadwaysigned_shared_roadwaysigned_shared_roadwayNumberMiles of roadway with signs indicating the roadway is shared with bikers
Dirt Traildirt_traildirt_trailNumberMiles of dirt track
Marked Shared Roadwaymarked_shared_roadwaymarked_shared_roadwayNumberMiles of roadway marked as shared with bikers
Shared Use Pathshared_use_pathshared_use_pathNumberMiles of shared use path for bikers and others
Paved Shoulderpaved_shoulderpaved_shoulderNumberMiles of paved shoulder
DatedatedateCalendar dateDate updated

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