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City of Memphis Parks Spatial Data

City of Memphis Parks Spatial Data

This is a geojson file containing information about the City of Memphis Parks and associated assets. Dataset contains both point and polygon information. Park data came from ParkServe ( and asset data is provided by City of Memphis Parks and Neighborhood Division.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
GrillsgrillesgrillesTextWhether park has grills for cooking/grilling
Shape_STLeshape_stleshape_stleNumberGeographic variable used for mapping parks in GIS
Acres_parkacres_parkacres_parkNumberPark area in acres
Park_Managpark_managpark_managTextPark manager (City) - from ParkServe
Shape_STArshape_starshape_starNumberGeographic variable used for mapping parks in GIS
Park_Localpark_localpark_localTextPark local owner/operator (City of Memphis) - from ParkServe
Tennis_Courtstennis_coutennis_couTextWhether park has tennis court
ParkIDparkidparkidNumberUnique park ID for ParkServe(R), a national project focused on parks and the 10-minute walk area around them. Learn more at
LOCATIONlocationlocationTextPark address
AdditionaladditionaladditionalTextAny additional assets at each park
Shape_ST_1shape_st_1shape_st_1NumberGeographic variable used for mapping parks in GIS
FountainsfountainsfountainsTextWhether park has fountain
PavilionspavilionspavilionsTextWhether park has pavilion
Picnic_Tablespicnic_tabpicnic_tabTextWhether park has picnic tables
Playgroundplay_grounplay_grounTextWhether park has playground
Census_Tractcensus_tracensus_traNumber2010 US Census tract that park is located in
Off_Street_Parkingoff_streetoff_streetTextWhether off-street parking is available at the park
BasketballbasketballbasketballTextWhether park has basketball court
Council_Districtcouncil_dicouncil_diNumberCouncil district park is located in
Shape_ST_2shape_st_2shape_st_2NumberGeographic variable used for mapping parks in GIS
City Council Districts:@computed_region_gxae_hf64:@computed_region_gxae_hf64Number
Shelby County Zip Codes:@computed_region_me95_vbw4:@computed_region_me95_vbw4Number
GISTrkrIDgistrkridgistrkridNumberID used for mapping
pointpointpointPointPoint coordinates, used for mapping parks in GIS
Memphis 3.0 Planning Districts:@computed_region_xf2b_u4zq:@computed_region_xf2b_u4zqNumber
PoolspoolspoolsTextWhether park has swimming pool - If yes, indoor or outdoor
Play_Equipmentplay_equipplay_equipTextWhether park has play equipment
ConcessionconcessionconcessionTextWhether park has concession stand (food/beverage)
Walking_Trailswalking_trwalking_trTextWhether park has walking trail
FACILITIESfacilitiesfacilitiesTextGeneral description of park facilities
Park_Ownerpark_ownerpark_ownerTextPark owner (City) - from ParkServe
BallfieldballfieldballfieldTextWhether park has ballfield
TrashtrashtrashCheckboxWhether park has trash facilities
ZipCodezipcodezipcodeNumberZip code that park is located in
BenchesbenchesbenchesTextWhether park has bench(es)
INSIDE_Yinside_yinside_yNumberVariable used for mapping in GIS
INSIDE_Xinside_xinside_xNumberVariable used for mapping in GIS
RestroomsrestroomsrestroomsTextWhether park has restrooms
Park_Namepark_nam_1park_nam_1TextPark Name

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