Code Enforcement Initial Response Time

Code Enforcement Initial Response Time

This dataset shows initial response time for code enforcement violation reports on residential and commercial properties. The dataset is updated daily; however all numbers are aggregated by month.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Response in 6-15 daysresponse_in_6_15_daysresponse_in_6_15_daysNumberNumber of CE reports responded to in 6-15 days
REPORTED_COUNTreported_countreported_countNumberTotal number of CE reports filed
Response in 5 daysresponse_in_5_daysresponse_in_5_daysNumberNumber of CE reports responded to in 5 days or less
Response in 16-30 daysresponse_in_16_30_daysresponse_in_16_30_daysNumberNumber of CE reports responded to in 16-30 days
Average Initial Response Timeaverage_initial_responseaverage_initial_responseNumberAverage response time to code enforcement (CE) reports, in days
DEPARTMENTdepartmentdepartmentTextResidential or commercial
Response above 30 daysresponse_above_30_daysresponse_above_30_daysNumberNumber of CE reports responded to in 30 days or more
REPORTEDreportedreportedCalendar dateReporting month and year

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