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Police Headcount

Dataset that contains the historical number of sworn commissioned officers for the Memphis Police Department. The dataset also contains some statistical info about the 13-month rolling average of the number of officers, and confidence intervals around the number of officers. Additionally, there is information about the projected number of officers through 2020.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
MONTHmonthmonthCalendar dateReporting month and year
SAMPLE_SIZEsample_sizesample_sizeNumberNumber of months included in the moving/rolling average
STANDARD_DEVIATIONstandard_deviationstandard_deviationNumberStandard deviation in the number of officers for each reporting month
LOWER_CONFIDENCElowec_confidencelowec_confidenceNumberLower bound for the 85% confidence interval of average number of officers
UPPER_CONFIDENCEupper_confidenceupper_confidenceNumberUpper bound for the 85% confidence interval of average number of officers
COUNTcountcountNumberTotal number of police officers ("headcount") for reporting month
MOVING_AVERAGEmoving_averagemoving_averageNumberRolling average number of officers for the prior 13 months
Z_FOR_85_PERCENT_CONFz_for_99_percent_confz_for_99_percent_confNumberZ-score for computing an 85% confidence interval
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