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Residential & Commercial Alarms

This dataset shows detailed information related to the operation of the City's Metro Alarm Office, including the number of permits issued and the number of false alarms recorded each month.

Please note: From July 2017-present, the columns "False Alarms" and False Alarms Historical" are identical. Prior to the ordnance passed in June 2017, the only false alarms that could be counted were those verified and matched by MPD's reporting database. This is reflected in the "False Alarms" column, pre July 2017. In order to get a true reflection of the volume of historical false alarms, dispatched records were matched and aggregated. This is reflected in the column "False Alarms Historical," pre July 2017.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
MonthmonthmonthTextReporting month
Alarm-related Collectionsalarm_related_collectionsalarm_related_collectionsNumber
Other Collectionsother_collectionsother_collectionsNumber
Businesses Addedbusinesses_addedbusinesses_addedNumberCommercial alarm permits added during the reporting month
Gross Billinggross_billinggross_billingNumberDollar amount billed during reporting month
Month_Ordermonth_ordermonth_orderNumberMonth order (1=January, 12=December)
YearyearyearTextReporting year
ChargeschargeschargesNumberTotal dollar amount charged
Residential Addedresidential_addedresidential_addedNumberResidential alarm permits added during the reporting month
Account-related Collectionsaccount_related_collectionsaccount_related_collectionsNumber
False Alarms Chargedfalse_alarms_chargedfalse_alarms_chargedNumberNumber of accounts that were charged for their 3rd false alarm.
False Alarmsfalse_alarmsfalse_alarmsNumberTotal false alarms received during the reporting month
DatedatedateCalendar dateReporting month & year (date rounds to 1st of the month)
False Alarm_Historicalfalse_alarm_historicalfalse_alarm_historicalNumberPlease see dataset description for further explanation.
Total Collectedtotal_collectedtotal_collectedNumberDollar amount collected during reporting month
  • residential_commercial_alarms
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