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County Spending

County Spending

This dataset includes County spending data for Montgomery County government. It does not include agency spending. Data considered sensitive or confidential and will be encrypted before it is posted.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Payment Statuspayment_statuspayment_statusTextStatus of a payment through the banking system, such as Negotiable, Void, or Reconciled.
Invoice Lineinvoice_lineinvoice_lineTextA line number from a supplier invoice, for the County’s purchase of a good or a service.
Invoice Numberinvoice_idinvoice_idTextA number assigned to an invoice, used to uniquely identify a supplier’s invoice.
Invoice DescriptiondescriptiondescriptionTextLowest level of description regarding how the County expends monies (Example: local travel).
Account Codeaccount_codeaccount_codeTextA unique account identification number (related to Account Name field)
ServiceserviceserviceTextHigh Organization level grouping, such as Public Safety and Community Development.
Payment Numberpayment_idpayment_idNumberThe identifying number on the paper check, electronic payment, or credit card transactions.
Payment Methodpayment_methodpayment_methodTextType of payment, such as check, EFT, credit card (MCG JPM SUA) or wire transactions.
Invoice Dateinv_dateinv_dateCalendar date"The Invoice date is the date listed in ERP as the invoice date and may contain a null value. "
PO Linepo_linepo_lineTextThe line number for a specific item or service that is being purchased on the Purchase Order (PO). (For example, if five different items are purchased, then there will be five PO lines.)
Contract Numbercontract_numcontract_numTextA unique number used to identify a County contract.
VendorvendorvendorTextSupplier name
FundfundfundTextAccounting device that the County uses to keep track of specific sources of funding and spending for particular purposes (Example: General Fund, Grant Fund; CIP Fund)
ProgramprogramprogramTextSubdivision of Departments made up of a primary service, function, or set of activities which address a specific responsibility or goal within an agency's mission. (Example: Operations, Budget, Aquatics).
Fiscal Year Periodfiscal_year_periodfiscal_year_periodNumberOur fiscal year runs July 1st through June 30th. A period is equal to one month (Example: period 1 is July, period 2 is August, period 3 is September, etc.)
Zipvendor_zipvendor_zipTextThe zip code for the supplier’s address to which the supplier’s payment is sent.
Vendor Numbervendor_idvendor_idTextA unique supplier identification number
CategorycategorycategoryTextRepresents how data is presented on the County’s financial statements (expense, revenue, liability, asset, owner’s equity or fund balance).
Expense Categoryexpense_categoryexpense_categoryTextThe highest level grouping of account codes that the County has spent funds on. For example, the “Travel” expense.
DepartmentdepartmentdepartmentTextThe name of the Department.
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearNumberThe County’s fiscal year (such as 2015) represents a 12 month period used for annual financial reporting beginning July 1st through June 30th.
PO Numberpo_numpo_numTextA unique number used to identify a purchase order issued to a vendor.
Payment Datepayment_datepayment_dateCalendar dateThe date the check was written or the payment was made.
AmountamountamountNumberThe dollar amount associated with an invoice distribution line.
Invoice Distribution Lineinvoice_distribution_lineinvoice_distribution_lineTextThe line number indicating which Department(s) or Program(s) the invoice is charged to. (For example, if five different departments are being charged for an item, then there will be five distribution lines.)

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