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Fiscal Year 2013 Budget - Internal Service Funds

This dataset includes the Internal Service Fund data included in the annual operating budget. Internal Service Funds (ISF) are proprietary funds used to record activity (primarily goods and services) provided by one department to other departments of the County government on a cost-reimbursable basis. The County uses this type of fund to account for Motor Pool, Central Duplicating, Liability and Property Coverage Self-Insurance, and Employee Health Benefits Self-Insurance.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Program Nameprogram_nameprogram_nameTextA primary function or set of activities which address a specific responsibility with in agency’s mission.
DepartmentdepartmentdepartmentTextThe primary organization unit within Montgomery County Government.
FunctionfunctionfunctionTextDepartment classifications/categories
Object Nameobject_nameobject_nameTextExpenditures at the object code level – salary and wages, group insurance, etc.
Cost Center Namecost_center_namecost_center_nameTextA lower level than the program level
Personnel & Operating Expensespersonnel_operating_expensespersonnel_operating_expensesTextGeneral expenditure categories
FundfundfundTextLowest level name of the fund (Mental Health Grant Fund, etc.).
Fund Subfundfund_subfundfund_subfundTextName of the fund (Mass Transit, Recreation, Permitting Services, MHI, etc.).
Fund Subtypefund_subtypefund_subtypeTextType of tax supported or non tax supported fund (General Fund, Tax Supported Special Fund, Non-Tax Supported Special Fund, Enterprise Fund, etc.)
Fund Typefund_typefund_typeTextTax supported fund (a fund supported in part by tax revenues) or a non-tax supported (fund supported by revenues other than taxes).
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