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MCG Open Positions

This dataset contains a list of open positions and classifications available in the County. Update Frequency : Weekly


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Recruitment TyperecruitmenttyperecruitmenttypeTextIdentifies job vacancies that will remain open until filled or close on a specific date
End DateenddateenddateCalendar dateDate the job closes
Start DatestartdatestartdateCalendar dateDate the job was posted
Number Of OpeningsnumberofopeningsnumberofopeningsNumberIdentifies the number of vacancies to be filled for the specific job title
Vacancy NumbervacancynumbervacancynumberTextUnique job vacancy identifier
Job TitlejobtitlejobtitleTextRepresents the job title of the vacancy
Employment CategoryemploymentcategoryemploymentcategoryTextIndicates jobs that are full-time, part-time or filled for either part-time or full-time
DepartmentdepartmentdepartmentTextIdentifies the department/organization for the job vacancy
Professional AreaprofessionalareaprofessionalareaTextIndicates the professional job family or occupational category of the job vacancy
  • mcg_open_positions
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