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MCG Personnel Management Review (PMR)

The Montgomery County Government has a diverse workforce of employees that cross five generations and multiple age, race, gender and ethnic groups. The dataset is a summary of the County's size and composition by generational category, age, race, ethnicity, gender, years of service and job class.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
GendergendergenderTextIndicates the employee's gender identity as determined by the employee.
GradegradegradeTextRepresents the classification of each job based on the level of difficulty, responsibility, salary and qualifications required for jobs in MCG.
AgeageageNumberIndicates the age of the employee based on the birthdate of the employee.
Ethnic Originethnic_originethnic_originTextThe employee's self-identified category that represents his/her race and/or ethnicity as defined by the biological, geographic region, cultural, heritage, religious, language and/or customs.
Length Of Servicelength_of_servicelength_of_serviceNumberIndicates the number of years the employee has been employed in the MCG
Job Classjob_classjob_classTextDistinguishes the job an employee holds into two categories Management Leadership Service (MLS) and Non-MLS.
Assignment Categoryassignment_categoryassignment_categoryTextIndicates full time-regular, part time-regular, full time-temporary, or part time-temporary status of an employee
GenerationgenerationgenerationTextRepresents the generational birth category into one of the following; Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial and Post Millennial as determined by the year the employee was born.
Salary Rangesalary_rangesalary_rangeTextIndicates the employee's base salary range as of 12/31/18.
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