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Sewage Disposal Permits

Sewage Disposal Permits

"A Septic System Permits is the new name for Individual Sewage Disposal System. A Septic System Permit is required to ensure any septic system installed in Montgomery County meets all current County and State standards relative to minimum setbacks associated with the protection of the health of all residents and the environment.

Update Frequency : Daily"


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Final DatefinaleddatefinaleddateCalendar dateThe final date indicates the date that construction has been completed and approved by DPS.
Added DateaddeddateaddeddateCalendar dateThe date that the applicant applied for the permit and the information was entered into the database.
Use CodeusecodeusecodeTextType of structure that the work will be performed on.
LongitudelongitudelongitudeNumberLongitude for actual address
LatitudelatitudelatitudeNumberLatitude for actual address
Issue DateissueddateissueddateCalendar dateThe date that the permit is issued.
General LocationlocationlocationTextDescription of the location work being performed.
CitycitycityTextCity of Work location.
Building AreabuildingareabuildingareaNumberThe number of square feet for the proposed construction.
Street SuffixsuffixsuffixTextStreet Suffix, such as ST (street), PL (Place), RD (Road).
Expired DateexpireddateexpireddateCalendar dateExpiration date/time of this application.
Work TypeworktypeworktypeTextType of Work to be performed.
Description of WorkdescriptiondescriptionTextDescription of planned work.
LocationgeolocationgeolocationPointSocrata created field, concatenates the fields indicated with ()
Street NumberstnostnoTextStreet Number of work location
Street NamestnamestnameTextStreet Name of work location
Permit NumberpermitnopermitnoTextNumber assigned to uniquely identify the permit.
Zip CodezipzipTextZip Code of work location.
Pre-directionpredirpredirTextPre-direction, if the street name has direction as a prefix.
StatestatestateTextState of Work location.
StatusstatusstatusTextStatus of permit.
Application TypeapplicationtypeapplicationtypeTextType of permit application.
Post-directionpostdirpostdirTextPost-direction, if the street name has a direction after the name. For example, University Blvd W

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