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Iowa Extended Benefits (EB) Payments (Monthly)

Iowa Extended Benefits (EB) Payments (Monthly)

This dataset contains statewide Extended Benefits (EB) claims and payment activities for Iowa. This data is based on the ETA-5159 (EB) report that IWD submits to the US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. Extended Benefits triggered "off: in Iowa effective October 31, 2020.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Final Paymentsfinal_paymentsfinal_paymentsNumberFinal Payment: Number of claimants drawing the final payment of their original entitlement of EB (exhaustees). ETA-5159 EB
First Paymentsfirst_paymentsfirst_paymentsNumberFirst Payment: The number of claimants receiving their first EB payment in a benefit year for a week of unemployment claimed under the state UI program. ETA-5159 EB
Initial Claimsinitial_claimsinitial_claimsNumberInitial Claim: Initial claims include new claims and additional claims. A new claim occurs when benefits are exhausted and a person is moved to EB. An additional claim occurs when an EB recipient begins a subsequent period of eligibility. ETA-5159 EB
Weeks Compensatedweeks_compensatedweeks_compensatedNumberWeeks Compensated: The number of weeks claimed for which EB benefits are paid. Weeks compensated for partial unemployment are included. ETA-5159 EB
Recipientsui_recipientsui_recipientsNumberBenefit Recipients: The number of claimants receiving at least one EB benefit payment during the month. Source: State report
MonthmonthmonthCalendar dateStored as month ending date. Displayed as month.
Continued Weekscontinued_weeks_claimedcontinued_weeks_claimedNumberContinued Weeks Claimed: Number of weeks of EB benefits claimed. ETA-5159 EB
Benefits Paidbenefits_paidbenefits_paidNumberBenefits Paid: Unemployment benefits paid to individuals under the EB program. ETA-5159 EB
Average Weekly Benefitaverage_weekly_benefitaverage_weekly_benefitNumberAverage Weekly Benefit: EB benefits paid divided by the number of weeks compensated. Benefits paid for partial unemployment are included.

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