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Iowa Median Earnings in Past 12 Months for Population 16 Years and Over by Sex (ACS 5-Year Estimates)

This dataset contains estimate for median earnings in past 12 months for population 16 Years and Over by sex for State of Iowa, individual Iowa counties, Iowa places and census tracts within Iowa. Data is from the American Community Survey, Five Year Estimates, Table B20002.

Sex categories: Male, Female, and Both


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Row IDrow_idrow_idTextUnique Row Identifier
LocationlocationlocationPointPrimary point for the specific geography.
NamenamenameTextName of geography associated with the record.
Median EarningsvaluevalueNumberMedian earnings in the past 12 months (in inflation-adjusted dollars) associated with geography, variable and data collection period.
Data Collection End DatedatedateCalendar dateThe date when the 60 month data collection period concluded.
TypetypetypeTextSpecifies the type of geography associated with the record. Categories include: state, county, place and tract.
Geography Idgeography_idgeography_idTextSpecific geography id used by the U.S. Census for the state, county, place or census tract associated with the record.
Data Collection Perioddata_collection_perioddata_collection_periodTextThe data collection period reflects the years associated with the 60 month data collection period.
Variable Descriptionvariable_descriptionvariable_descriptionTextDescribes the characteristics associated with the variable.
SexsexsexTextSex categories: Male, Female, and Both
VariablevariablevariableTextVariable name identified by the US Census Bureau.
County Boundaries of Iowa:@computed_region_y683_txed:@computed_region_y683_txedNumber
  • iowa_median_earnings_in_past_12_months_for
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