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Iowa Motor Fuel Sales by County and Year

This dataset provides total non-ethanol gasoline gallons, ethanol blends E10-E85, diesel, and biodiesel gallons sold by county for all retail locations that completed the Retailers Motor Fuel Gallons Annual Report. The State of Iowa has a goal to replace 25 percent of petroleum in Iowa with biofuel by 2020. The biofuel distribution percentage measures how the state is doing toward meeting that goal. The formula for determining the biofuel distribution percentage is as follows: Biofuel Distribution Percentage = (Pure Ethanol Gallons + Pure Biodiesel Gallons) / Total Gasoline Gallons .


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Biofuel Distribution Percentagebiofuel_distributionbiofuel_distributionNumberBiofuel Distribution Percentage = (Pure Ethanol Gallons + Pure Biodiesel Gallons) / Total Gasoline Gallons
Clear and Dyed Diesel Sales (in gallons)clear_and_dyed_diesel_salesclear_and_dyed_diesel_salesNumberGallons of clear and dyed diesel sold
CountycountycountyTextCounty where fuel was sold
Number of Retail Locationsnumber_of_retail_locationsnumber_of_retail_locationsNumberNumber of retail fuel locations within the county
Ethanol Gas Sales (in gallons)ethanol_gas_salesethanol_gas_salesNumberGallons of ethanol gas sold
Biodiesel Sales (in gallons)biodiesel_salesbiodiesel_salesNumberGallons of biodiesel sold
Calendar Yearcalendar_yearcalendar_yearNumberCalendar year when fuel was sold
Non-Ethanol Gas Sales (in gallons)non_ethanol_gas_salesnon_ethanol_gas_salesNumberGallons of non-ethanol gas sold
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