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Iowa Population by Poverty Status (Past 12 Months), Sex and Work Experience (ACS 5-Year Estimates)

Iowa Population by Poverty Status (Past 12 Months), Sex and Work Experience (ACS 5-Year Estimates)

This dataset contains Iowa population estimates by poverty status for past 12 months, sex, and work experience for State of Iowa, individual Iowa counties, Iowa places and census tracts within Iowa. Data is from the American Community Survey, Five Year Estimates, Table B17004.

Poverty includes the following: all levels, below poverty level, and above poverty level.

Sex includes the following: both, male, and female.

Work experience includes the following: all levels, full time year-round, part-time or part-year, and did not work.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
LocationlocationlocationPointPrimary point for the specific geography.
Data Collection End DatedatedateCalendar dateThe date when the 60 month data collection period concluded.
VariablevariablevariableTextVariable name identified by the US Census Bureau.
NamenamenameTextName of geography associated with the record.
County Boundaries of Iowa:@computed_region_y683_txed:@computed_region_y683_txedNumber
Variable Descriptionvariable_descriptionvariable_descriptionTextDescribes the characteristics associated with the variable.
PovertypovertypovertyTextPoverty includes: All Levels, Below Poverty Level, and Above Poverty Level. Poverty determination is based on income the past 12 months.
Work Experiencework_experiencework_experienceTextWork experience includes: All Levels, All Time Year-Round, Part-Time or Part-Year, and Did Not Work.
SexsexsexTextSex includes: both, male, and female.
Data Collection Perioddata_collection_perioddata_collection_periodTextThe data collection period reflects the years associated with the 60 month data collection period.
Geography Idgeography_idgeography_idTextSpecific geography id used by the U.S. Census for the state, county, place or census tract associated with the record.
TypetypetypeTextSpecifies the type of geography associated with the record. Categories include: state, county, place and tract.
Population EstimatevaluevalueNumberPopulation estimate associated with geography, variable, and data collection period.
Iowa Regional Zip Codes:@computed_region_g8ff_h7ce:@computed_region_g8ff_h7ceNumber

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