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Iowa Probation Revocations

Iowa Probation Revocations

This dataset contains de-identified information on offenders who violated probation and are being sent to prison (i.e., a probation revocation) for the last 10 Fiscal Years. It provides information on sex, race & ethnicity, and age of those offenders.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Offense Descriptionoffense_descriptionoffense_descriptionTextThe description of the most serious offense the offender was convicted of
Ageage_at_revocationage_at_revocationNumberAge of the offender at revocation
Fiscal Year Revokedfiscal_year_revokedfiscal_year_revokedNumberFiscal year of revocation
Revocation Daterevocation_daterevocation_dateCalendar dateDate of offender's revocation
Offender Numberoffender_numberoffender_numberNumberUnique number assigned to each offender
Record IDrecord_idrecord_idNumberUnique number assigned to each record
Offense Subtypeoffense_subtypeoffense_subtypeTextThe offense subtype of the most serious offense the offender was convicted of
Revocation Typerevocation_typerevocation_typeTextOffender's Revocation Type
Race & Ethnicityrace_ethnicityrace_ethnicityTextRace and ethnicity of the offender
Status RevokedstatusstatusTextOffender's Supervison Status Revocation Type
Offense Typeoffense_typeoffense_typeTextThe offense type of the most serious offense the offender was convicted of
Offense Classificationoffense_classoffense_classTextThe code found in Iowa law book for most serious crime the offender was convicted of
SexsexsexTextSex of the offender

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