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Iowa School District Revenues by Fiscal Year

School district revenues by fiscal year starting with FY 2017 (year ending 6/30/2017). Data is provided by school districts to the Department of Education to complete their Certified Annual Report (CAR).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Enrollment Categoryenrollment_categoryenrollment_categoryTextEnrollment Category based on Budget Enrollment for the Fiscal Year.
FundfundfundTextSchool District Fund
District Namedistrict_namedistrict_nameTextSchool District Name
DE_Districtde_districtde_districtTextDepartment of Education District Number
SourcesourcesourceTextSource of Revenue
Enrollment Category Numberenrollment_category_numberenrollment_category_numberNumberEnrollment Category based on a number. One equals less enrollment, six equals higher enrollment
AmountamountamountNumberAmount of Expenditure
FiscalYearfiscalyearfiscalyearNumberFiscal Year Revenue Collected
Actual_ReEstimated_Budgetactual_reestimated_budgetactual_reestimated_budgetTextActual - Data is from the Certified Annual Report ReEstimated - Data is for the budget year when the file is submitted to the DOM on April 15. Budget - Budget year or upcoming year when the file is submitted to the DOM on April 15.
AEAaeaaeaTextArea Education Agency Number
DistdistdistTextDepartment of Management District Number
Column Namecolumn_namecolumn_nameTextOriginal Column Name of Data
Revenues Per Pupilrevenues_per_pupilrevenues_per_pupilNumberRevenues divided by the budget enrollment for the fiscal year.
  • iowa_school_district_revenues_by_fiscal_year
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