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Iowa School District Revenues by Fiscal Year

Iowa School District Revenues by Fiscal Year

School district revenues by fiscal year starting with FY 2017 (year ending 6/30/2017). Data is provided by school districts to the Department of Education to complete their Certified Annual Report (CAR).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
SourcesourcesourceTextSource of Revenue
Column Namecolumn_namecolumn_nameTextOriginal Column Name of Data
Actual_ReEstimated_Budgetactual_reestimated_budgetactual_reestimated_budgetTextActual - Data is from the Certified Annual Report ReEstimated - Data is for the budget year when the file is submitted to the DOM on April 15. Budget - Budget year or upcoming year when the file is submitted to the DOM on April 15.
FiscalYearfiscalyearfiscalyearNumberFiscal Year Revenue Collected
AmountamountamountNumberAmount of Expenditure
Enrollment Categoryenrollment_categoryenrollment_categoryTextEnrollment Category based on Budget Enrollment for the Fiscal Year.
Revenues Per Pupilrevenues_per_pupilrevenues_per_pupilNumberRevenues divided by the budget enrollment for the fiscal year.
Enrollment Category Numberenrollment_category_numberenrollment_category_numberNumberEnrollment Category based on a number. One equals less enrollment, six equals higher enrollment
FundfundfundTextSchool District Fund
District Namedistrict_namedistrict_nameTextSchool District Name
DE_Districtde_districtde_districtTextDepartment of Education District Number
DistdistdistTextDepartment of Management District Number
AEAaeaaeaTextArea Education Agency Number

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