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Iowa Seasonally Adjusted Monthly Employment Estimates

Iowa Seasonally Adjusted Monthly Employment Estimates

This dataset provides employment, unemployment, labor force and unemployment rate monthly estimates for State of Iowa. Data has been adjusted to eliminate the effect of intrayear variations which tend to occur during the same period on an annual basis. Data available beginning January 2000.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DifferencedifferencedifferenceNumberDifference from previous month
Row IDrow_idrow_idTextUnique ID associated with the data series, variable, and estimate date.
Percent Changepercent_changepercent_changeNumberPercent change from previous month.
DatedatedateCalendar dateDate of estimate
ValuevaluevalueNumberValue associated with the reported variable and date.
VariablevariablevariableTextVariables include: Employment, Unemployment, Labor Force and Unemployment Rate
Iowa Regional Zip Codes:@computed_region_g8ff_h7ce:@computed_region_g8ff_h7ceNumber
County Boundaries of Iowa:@computed_region_y683_txed:@computed_region_y683_txedNumber
Rating Areas for Iowa Individual Affordable Care Act Premiums:@computed_region_hhz5_dst4:@computed_region_hhz5_dst4Number

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