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Iowa UI Contribution Rate Table and Average Tax Rate

Iowa Law requires Iowa Workforce Development to establish a tax table for each year. The unemployment insurance rate table trigger formula is primarily based on the UI trust fund balance, unemployment benefit payment history and covered wage growth. The formula is designed to enable the trust fund to keep pace with potential liabilities as covered unemployment and wages grow.

This dataset contains the contribution rate table and the average tax rate for employers subject to the Iowa Unemployment Insurance system. There are eight rate tables each having 21 ranks. Table one has highest average tax rate. Table eight has the lowest average tax rate.

The highest average tax rate (based on taxable wages) was 3.38% in 1984 (Table 1). The lowest average tax rate was 0.94% in 1998 (Table 8). Time Period: 1980-2018


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Taxable Wage Basewage_basewage_baseNumberTaxable Wage Base - The maximum amount of wages paid to an employee by an employer during a tax year which are subject to UI taxes. Wages above this amount are not subject to UI tax. In Iowa the taxable wage base is two-thirds of the average annual wage for covered employment (rounded up).
Average Tax Rate (Total Wages)average_tax_rate_totwaverage_tax_rate_totwNumberAverage Tax Rate Based on Total Wages - Total regular contributions for a calendar year divided by the total wages for the same year.
Average Tax Rate (Taxable Wages)average_tax_rate_taxwaverage_tax_rate_taxwNumberAverage Tax Rate Based on Taxable Wages - Total regular contributions for a calendar year divided by the taxable wages for the same year.
NotesnotenoteTextEstimated=Average Tax Rates are estimated based on the tax rate distribution of rate table in effect for the year. Preliminary=Average Tax Rate based on actual contributions and estimated wages.
YearyearyearNumberCalendar Year
Rate Tablerate_tablerate_tableNumberContribution Rate Table - The Iowa Code has eight contribution rate tables. Rate tables are triggered based on the relative UI trust fund strength. The average tax rate ranges from about 3.5 percent in table 1 to about 0.9 percent in table 8.
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