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Iowa Unemployment Compensation Fund Status - Benefits Paid

This dataset contains annual Unemployment Insurance Benefits data. This data is analyzed in the "Status Report on the Iowa Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund" report.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Average Weekly Benefitaverage_weekly_benefitaverage_weekly_benefitNumberUI benefits paid divided by the number of weeks compensated.
Weeks Compensatedweeks_compensatedweeks_compensatedNumberThe number of weeks claimed for which UI benefits are paid. Weeks compensated for partial unemployment are included. [ETA-5159 (301-14)
Final Paymentsfinal_paymentsfinal_paymentsNumberThe number of claimants drawing the final payment of their original UI entitlement. This is also called benefit exhaustions. ETA-5159 (303-24)
First Paymentsfirst_paymentsfirst_paymentsNumberThe number of claimants receiving their the first payment in a benefit year for a week of unemployment claimed under the state UI program. ETA-5159 (303-21)
UI Benefits Paidui_benefits_paidui_benefits_paidNumberUnemployment benefits paid under the regular unemployment program. ETA-5159 (302-14)
YearyearyearNumberCalendar Year
Exhaustion Rateexhaustion_rateexhaustion_rateNumberA rate computed by dividing the average monthly final payments by the average monthly first payments. To allow for the normal flow of claimants through the program, the numerator lags the denominator by 26 weeks,
Average Durationaverage_durationaverage_durationNumberThe number of weeks compensated divided by the number of first payments.
  • iowa_unemployment_compensation_fund_status
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