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Iowa Unemployment Compensation Fund Status - Fund Revenue

This dataset contains annual Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Revenue data. This data is analyzed in the "Status Report on the Iowa Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund" report.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Reimbursable Contributionsreimbursable_contributionsreimbursable_contributionsNumberReimbursable Contributions (millions) - Total benefit reimbursement payments received by employers who elect to finance benefit costs by the reimbursement method.
Average Rate Totalaverage_rate_totalaverage_rate_totalNumberAverage Contribution Rate Based on Total Wages - Total regular contributions for a 12 month period divided by the total wages for the same period.
Average Rate Taxableaverage_rate_taxableaverage_rate_taxableNumberAverage Contribution Rate Based on Taxable Wages - Total regular contributions for a 12 month period divided by the taxable wages for the same period.
Regular Contributionsregular_contributionsregular_contributionsNumberRegular Contributions (millions) - Total UI contributions received from contributory employees.
Rate Tablerate_tablerate_tableNumberContribution Rate Table - The Iowa Code has eight contribution rate tables. Rate tables are triggered based on the relative trust fund strength. The average contribution rate ranges from about 3.5 percent in table 1 to about 0.9 percent in table 8.
Taxable Wage Basetaxable_wage_basetaxable_wage_baseNumberTaxable Wage Base - The maximum amount of wages paid to an employee by an employer during a tax year which are subject to UI taxes. Wages above this amount are not subject to tax. In Iowa the taxable wage base is two-thirds of the average annual wage for covered employment.
Contributory Wagescontributory_wagescontributory_wagesNumberContributory Wages (millions) - All wages or remuneration paid to workers by all taxable employers. Total wages minus reimbursable wages
Reimbursable Wagesreimbursable_wagesreimbursable_wagesNumberReimbursable Wages (millions) - Wages paid by reimbursable employers. NOTE: A reimbursable employer elects to reimburse the UI system for benefits charged instead of paying regular employer contributions. State and local governments, nonprofit organizations, and Indian tribes are permitted to elect the reimbursement method;
Covered Employmentcovered_employmentcovered_employmentNumberCovered Employment - The number of employees covered by the Iowa Unemployment Insurance program. This figure is based on employment during the pay period which includes the 12th of the each month.
YearyearyearNumberCalendar Year
Total Revenuetotal_revenuetotal_revenueNumberTotal Revenue (millions) - Sum of Total Contributions, Interest and Other Income.
Total Wagestotal_wagestotal_wagesNumberTotal Wages (millions) - All wages or remuneration paid to workers on all payrolls covered by Unemployment Insurance.
Average Weekly Wageaverage_weekly_wageaverage_weekly_wageNumberAverage Weekly Wage - Total wages divided by covered employment, divided by 52 weeks.
Taxable Wagestaxable_wagestaxable_wagesNumberTaxable Wages (millions) - Wages paid by contributory employers on which UI contributions are based on. Individual employee wages above the taxable wage base not included in taxable wages.
InterestinterestinterestNumberInterest Received (millions) - The amount of interest earned on the Unemployment Trust Fund account. Interest paid by the U. S Treasury is credited on the notification date for this report.
Other Incomeother_incomeother_incomeNumberOther Income (millions) - This includes revenue from a trust fund debt repayment tax collected by the federal government in 1985 and 1986 and special transfers from the U.S. Treasury in 2003 and 2009.
Total Contributionstotal_contributionstotal_contributionsNumberTotal Contributions (millions) - Sum of regular contributions and reimbursable contributions.
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