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Iowa Unemployment Insurance Benefit Payments by Industry (Monthly)

This dataset contains statewide unemployment insurance payment activities by month and industry group in Iowa. Industry groups are based on NAICS sectors (North American Industry Classification System). Data available starting in January 2010.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Weeks Compensatedweeks_compensatedweeks_compensatedNumberWeeks Compensated: The number of weeks claimed for which UI benefits are paid.
NAICS Sector Titlenaics_sector_titlenaics_sector_titleTextNorth American Industry Classification System Sector Title
Final Paymentsfinal_paymentsfinal_paymentsNumberFinal Payments: (Exhaustees): Number of claimants drawing the final payment of their original entitlement of UI benefits.
Benefit PaidbenefitpaymentsbenefitpaymentsNumberBenefitPayments: Unemployment benefits paid to individuals under the state UI program.
Sectornaics_codenaics_codeTextTwo digit NAICS sector code. Sector codes that share the same sector title have been combined. (31-33), (44-45), (48-49)
First Paymentsfirst_paymentsfirst_paymentsNumberFirst Payments: The number of claimants receiving their the first payment in a benefit year for a week of unemployment claimed under the state UI program.
Monthmonth_endingmonth_endingCalendar dateMonth reported statistics are for. Stored as month ending date. Displayed as month.
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