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Iowa Unemployment Insurance Claimants by Occupational Group (Monthly)

Iowa Unemployment Insurance Claimants by Occupational Group (Monthly)

Characteristics of the Insured Unemployed. This dataset provides information on the occupational composition of unemployment insurance claimants. The data are based on those who file a continued claim in the week containing the 19th of the month, which reflects unemployment during the week containing the 12th. This corresponds with the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Current Population Survey. (Source: ETA-203)


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
MajorOccupationalGroupTitlemajoroccupationalgrouptitlemajoroccupationalgrouptitleTextStandard Occupational Classification (SOC) major group title.
MonthmonthenddatemonthenddateCalendar dateThis column is displayed as a month, but stored as the month ending date.
ClaimantsclaimantsclaimantsNumberNumber of Unemployment Insurance claimants during the week of the 19th of the month.
MajorGroupmajorgroupmajorgroupTextStandard Occupational Classification (SOC) major group code.

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