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Sample 2016 Iowa Individual Affordable Care Act-Compliant Premiums

Sample premium information for individual ACA-compliant health insurance plans available to Iowans for 2016.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Non-Tobacco Premiumnon_tobacco_premiumnon_tobacco_premiumNumber
Rating Arearating_arearating_areaText
Iowa Rating Areas for Affordable Care Act:@computed_region_4qgw_m3n5:@computed_region_4qgw_m3n5Number
Plan's Rating Area LocationratingareacentroidratingareacentroidPointLocation associated with the Plan's Rating Area.
CountiescountiescountiesTextThe counties served in this Rating Area.
Plan IDplan_idplan_idText
Tobacco Premiumtobacco_premiumtobacco_premiumNumber
AgeageageNumber"20" means ages 0-20; "65" means ages 65 and older; the others mean that specific age.
Plan Nameplan_nameplan_nameText
Metal Levelmetal_levelmetal_levelTextPlan choices under the Affordable Care Act fall into five different categories or metal levels, i.e., bronze (60%), silver (70%), gold (80%), platinum (90%), and catastrophic (less than 60% -- generally limited to those under the age of 30). A silver plan (on average) would be expected to pay around 70% of healthcare expenses for a standard population. The individual, therefore, would pay about 30%.
Marketplacemarketplace_usemarketplace_useTextIndicates whether plan is available on or off the Marketplace.
Insurance Companyinsurance_companyinsurance_companyText
Rating Areas for Iowa Individual Affordable Care Act Premiums:@computed_region_hhz5_dst4:@computed_region_hhz5_dst4Number
US Counties:@computed_region_e7ym_nrbf:@computed_region_e7ym_nrbfNumber
County Boundaries of Iowa:@computed_region_uhgg_e8y2:@computed_region_uhgg_e8y2Number
Iowa Watersheds (HUC 10):@computed_region_i9mz_6gmt:@computed_region_i9mz_6gmtNumber
Iowa Watershed Sub-Basins (HUC 08):@computed_region_wnea_7qqw:@computed_region_wnea_7qqwNumber
Iowa ZIP Code Tabulation Areas:@computed_region_3r5t_5243:@computed_region_3r5t_5243Number
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