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State of Iowa Executive Branch Employee Counts by Month and Agency

State of Iowa Executive Branch Employee Counts by Month and Agency

This dataset provides monthly counts of full-time, part-time and temporary employees for within the Executive Branch of the State of Iowa. Data is captured for the last pay period ending in a month, starting with pay period ending December 23, 2010.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
FemalefemalefemaleNumberNumber of female full-time employees
Full-Time Employeesfull_timefull_timeNumberNumber of full-time employees
Count Datecount_datecount_dateCalendar datePay period end date for the last pay period ending in the month for which the count is based
DepartmentdeptdeptTextName of the department
Department Numberdept_nodept_noTextThree digit code associated with the department
Agency Nameagency_nameagency_nameTextName of the state agency. Some agencies have multiple departments.
IDididTextRecord ID based on count date and department number.
FunctionfunctionfunctionTextThe function associated with the department in the state budget.
Undesignated GenderundesignatedundesignatedNumberNumber of employees whose gender is undesignated.
MalemalemaleNumberNumber of male full-time employees
Temporary EmployeestemptempNumberNumber of temporary employees
Part-Time Employeespart_timepart_timeNumberNumber of part-time employees

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