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State of Iowa Registered Wells

Combined dataset of all wells with uniform attributes from detailed individual well databases. This dataset is intended to serve as a metadata-level well database. Large overlaps are known to exist among databases; however, all are preserved as found in order to preserve program-specific information. For example a well may derive geologic data from the Geologic Sampling Points database, public water supply data from the SDWIS Wells database and Water Allocation information from the Water Use (WACOP) database. Each of these will be represented by a record within this dataset.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Other Informationother_infoother_infoText
Well Depth (ft)depthdepthText
Location Estimateest_loc_acest_loc_acText
Location DescriptionlocationlocationText
Owner Nameowner_nameowner_nameText
Well Typewell_typewell_typeText
Construction Permit Datec_p_datec_p_dateText
Well IDwellidwellidText
Iowa Regional Zip Codes:@computed_region_g8ff_h7ce:@computed_region_g8ff_h7ceNumber
County Boundaries of Iowa:@computed_region_y683_txed:@computed_region_y683_txedNumber
Rating Areas for Iowa Individual Affordable Care Act Premiums:@computed_region_hhz5_dst4:@computed_region_hhz5_dst4Number
Upstream Metadata