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Successful Employment for Blind Iowans by Federal Fiscal Year

The Iowa Department for the Blind helps educate, train, and empower blind and visually impaired individuals to pursue lifelong goals. This dataset summarizes the successful employment outcomes of blind Iowans by Federal Fiscal Year (October 1 - September 30), starting on October 1, 2012.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Closure Hours Worked Per Weekclosure_hours_worked_per_weekclosure_hours_worked_per_weekNumberNumber of hours worked per week at case closure
Federal Fiscal Yearfederal_fiscal_yearfederal_fiscal_yearNumberYear ended September 30
Employment Status Descriptionemployment_status_descriptionemployment_status_descriptionTextEmployment status when the case was closed
Case IDcase_idcase_idTextCase identifier
GendergendergenderTextGender of the participant
MinorityminorityminorityTextMinority status of the participant
HispanichispanichispanicTextEthnicity of the participant
SOC Codesoc_codesoc_codeTextStandard occupational code used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Age Groupage_groupage_groupTextTransition participants (ages 24 or less) and non-transition participants (ages 25 and over)
Age at Applicationage_at_applicationage_at_applicationNumberAge of the participant at time of application
Referral Sourcereferral_sourcereferral_sourceTextIndicates the individual, agency, or other entity that first referred the participant to the Department for the Blind
VeteranveteranveteranTextVeteran served in the active military, naval or air service, and was discharge
Occupational Titleoccupational_titleoccupational_titleTextName of the occupation as specified by the Standard Occupational Code
Closure Reason Descriptionclosure_reason_descriptionclosure_reason_descriptionTextIdentifies the reason for closing the service record of an individual
Closure Weekly Earningsclosure_weekly_earningsclosure_weekly_earningsNumberWeekly wages when case was closed
Annual Earningsannual_earningsannual_earningsNumberAnnualized earnings when case was closed
Monthly Earningsmonthly_earningsmonthly_earningsNumberMonthly earnings when case was closed
Hourly Wagehourly_wagehourly_wageNumberHourly wage when case was closed
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