BeXRB Monitor Data

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BeXRB Monitor Data

This is a monitor using data from Swift/BAT, MAXI and Fermi/GBM instruments.

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Color code for the probability: (rising flux , no change, decreasing flux)

The average flux is calculated as the average of the last 3 days of data, without taking the errors into account. The fermi flux is not given in mCrab.

Please note that the accuracy of the probabilities is limited by the accuracy of the data used.

Release of Friday, the 17th of October 2014

Last updated at 14:04:07 UT

Created as an ESAC trainee project by Eva Laplace.

Supervisors: Peter Kretschmar, Emilio Salazar and Miguel Arregui.



NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Swift/BAT Dataswift_bat_dataswift_bat_dataText
Orbital Period dorbital_period_dorbital_period_dText
Swift/BAT flux change probswift_bat_flux_change_probswift_bat_flux_change_probNumber
Fermi/GBM Datafermi_gbm_datafermi_gbm_dataNumber
Combined Plotcombined_plotcombined_plotText
Fermi/GBM average pulsed flux keV cm^-2 s^-1fermi_gbm_average_pulsed_flux_kev_cm_2_s_1fermi_gbm_average_pulsed_flux_kev_cm_2_s_1Number
MAXI flux change probmaxi_flux_change_probmaxi_flux_change_probNumber
MAXI average flux mCrabmaxi_average_flux_mcrabmaxi_average_flux_mcrabNumber
MAXI Datamaxi_datamaxi_dataText
SWIFT/BAT average flux mCrabswift_bat_average_flux_mcrabswift_bat_average_flux_mcrabNumber
Fermi/GBM flux change probfermi_gbm_flux_change_probfermi_gbm_flux_change_probNumber

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