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City Data Inventory

As a mandate of the New Orleans City Data Policy - Executive Order 16-01 & Policy Memorandum 135, we are taking an inventory of all City datasets. This on-going inventory process will help us to categorize and identify data that could be made publicly available. This process also assists our ability to work cross-departmentally and increases our resilience.

Why is the data inventory important?

• Stimulate new ideas and services. By publishing a data inventory, city departments may help to stimulate new and innovative ideas from the community.

• Increase internal sharing and resilience. A data inventory can also help us access information from other departments that we need to improve service delivery and resilience planning.

• Enabling better and more up-to-date processes. The process of publishing a data inventory will help us to realize the constraints of current City technology and processes, and then plan for future improvements.

• Changing how we use data. A data inventory can help empower us to change how we use, share and consume our data externally and internally, ultimately transforming data into better services for citizens and fostering continuous improvement.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Frequency of Data Changefrequency_of_data_changefrequency_of_data_changeText
Start Datestart_datestart_dateText
Cost Gradecost_gradecost_gradeNumber
Cost Scorecost_scorecost_scoreNumber
Open Data Gradeopen_data_gradeopen_data_gradeNumber
Increases gov't transparency & accountabilityincreases_gov_t_transparency_accountabilityincreases_gov_t_transparency_accountabilityNumber
Supports City Program or Project (e.g. Workforce Development, Equity)supports_city_program_or_project_e_g_workforce_development_equitysupports_city_program_or_project_e_g_workforce_development_equiNumber
Data Quality Gradedata_quality_gradedata_quality_gradeNumber
Data Quality Scoredata_quality_scoredata_quality_scoreNumber
Real-time Data Updatesreal_time_data_updatesreal_time_data_updatesNumber
Data source formatdata_source_formatdata_source_formatText
Geographic granularitygeographic_granularitygeographic_granularityText
End Dateend_dateend_dateText
Data Sourcedata_sourcedata_sourceText
Data stewarddata_stewarddata_stewardText
Delivery Costdelivery_costdelivery_costNumber
Interest (Perceived Value) Levelinterest_perceived_value_levelinterest_perceived_value_levelNumber
Data Classificationdata_classificationdata_classificationNumber
Is Published?is_publishedis_publishedCheckbox
Maintenance Costmaintenance_costmaintenance_costNumber
Open Data Linkopen_data_linkopen_data_linkURL
Open Data Scoreopen_data_scoreopen_data_scoreNumber
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