Permits - Right of Way

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Permits - Right of Way

The dataset contains information on permits issued by the Right of Way Management Division. The dataset contains open permits including: right of way excavations and installations, residential and commercial driveway entrances, general temporary parking, storage, and dumpsters, hauling oversize and cranes, and lane, street, and sidewalk closures. The dataset provides information on issue, start and end dates, applicant, work performed for, type and kind of permit, inspector, contact number, and XY coordinates.

This data is updated daily.

Click here for details on Right of Way permit fees:

Clich here for a map showing all permit activity locations:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
New Georeferenced Columngeocoded_columngeocoded_columnPoint
Start DatestartdatestartdateCalendar date
Inspector Nameinspector_nameinspector_nameText
Applicant Nameapplicant_nameapplicant_nameText
Permit KindpermitkindpermitkindText
Permit Numberpermit_numberpermit_numberText
Civic Leaguecivic_leaguecivic_leagueText
End DateenddateenddateCalendar date
Contractor Namecontractor_namecontractor_nameText
Street NumberstreetnumberstreetnumberNumber
Issued DateissueddateissueddateCalendar date
Civic Leagues_uniq_prepend:@computed_region_b3ci_nw94:@computed_region_b3ci_nw94Number
Civic Leagues:@computed_region_x6fk_ihs5:@computed_region_x6fk_ihs5Number
US Counties:@computed_region_25t2_rbz7:@computed_region_25t2_rbz7Number
Civic Leagues_from_ktui_fihj:@computed_region_38t5_wna6:@computed_region_38t5_wna6Number