Police Incident Reports

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Police Incident Reports

This dataset contains incident reports recorded by the Norfolk Police Department that occurred over the last five years. Incidents can be searched by type, location, date and time of occurrence. This dataset is updated weekly.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Date of Occurrencedate_occudate_occuCalendar dateDate the incident occurred
Hour of Occurrencehour_occuhour_occuNumberHour the incident occurred
Report AreareportareareportareaTextPolice precinct where the incident occurred
Block AddressstreetnostreetnoNumberBlock number where the incident occurred
NeighborhoodneighborhdneighborhdTextName of neighborhood where the offense occurred
TracttracttractTextPlanning District where the incident occurred
OffenseoffenseoffenseTextA description of the incident
ZonezonezoneTextPolice zone where the incident occurred
StreetstreetstreetTextName of the street where the incident occurred
Incident IDinci_idinci_idTextIdentification number assigned to incident
Day of the Weekdow1dow1TextDay of the week the incident occurred
DistrictdistrictdistrictTextPolice sector where the incident occurred