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Crime Statistics - Crime Severity Index

Crime Statistics - Crime Severity Index

The dataset includes crime statistics at the provincial and police service levels. It is based on police reported incidents of crime reported through the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey (UCR). Statistics include the crime severity index, violent crime severity index, and non-violent crime severity index overall for provincial and police service levels. The Youth Crime Severity Index is based on the same principles as the overall Crime Severity Index, which reflects the seriousness of offences, but uses the number of youths accused instead of an incident count. Statistics included are: youth crime severity index, youth violent crime severity index and youth non-violent crime severity index for provincial level data only. This data is sourced from Statistics Canada through CANSIM.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
YOUTH VIOLENT CRIME SEVERITY INDEXyouth_violent_crime_severity_indexyouth_violent_crime_severity_indexNumber
YOUTH CRIME SEVERITY INDEXyouth_crime_severity_indexyouth_crime_severity_indexNumber
VIOLENT CRIME SEVERITY INDEXviolent_crime_severity_indexviolent_crime_severity_indexNumber
YOUTH NON-VIOLENT CRIME SEVERITY INDEXyouth_non_violent_crime_severity_indexyouth_non_violent_crime_severity_indexNumber
NON-VIOLENT CRIME SEVERITY INDEXnon_violent_crime_severity_indexnon_violent_crime_severity_indexNumber
TOTAL CRIME SEVERITY INDEXtotal_crime_severity_indextotal_crime_severity_indexNumber

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