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Conservation Partnership Program Grants

Capacity building grants made in partnership with the Land Trust Alliance to land trusts in New York State annually beginning 2003.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Office Townoffice_townoffice_townTextTown in which organization’s office is located, or location of project area when indicated
Year Awardedyear_awardedyear_awardedNumberYear in which grant award announcement was made. Note: Due to the fiscal restrictions, no awards were made in 2010.
Grant Categorygrant_categorygrant_categoryTextGrant category from grant program Request For Applications; valid values are: Capacity; Assessment; Stewardship; Professional Development; Catalyst; and Transaction. Please see data dictionary for details regarding each grant category.
Grant Awardgrant_awardgrant_awardNumberDollar amount of grant award
CountycountycountyTextCounty of organization’s office, or location of project area if indicated in Office Town column
OrganizationorganizationorganizationTextName or land trust organization that received the grant. Note: Several name changes and mergers have occurred since the grant program began in 2003; please see data dictionary for details.
Project Summaryproject_summaryproject_summaryTextDescription of grant project

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