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Corporations and Other Entities: All Filings

This data contains all Corporations and Other Entity filings in the Department of State electronic database. Each record contains the Department of State ID number, Filing ID, Date Filed, Effective Date, Entity Name, the law under which the filing was made and other pertinent filing information.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Constituent Flagconstituent_flagconstituent_flagTextA 'C' indicates that the entity is a constituent of a merger or consolidation and that additional information for the constituent is not in the Database, is not available, or is maintained in the DOS Card File
Amd Name Flagamd_corp_name_flagamd_corp_name_flagText'X' indicates a change in the Entity Name
Amd Loc. Flagamd_loc_flagamd_loc_flagText'X' indicates change to the Business Corporation’s principal executive office
Amd Cnty Flagamd_cnty_flagamd_cnty_flagText'X' indicates a change in County.
Duration Datedura_datedura_dateTextThe date on which a corporation is dissolved by expiration of its period of duration or the date after which the Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnership is to dissolve
NFP Categorynfp_typenfp_typeTextCategory (“Charitable” or “Non-Charitable”) of the Not-for-Profit Corporation
Card File Flagdead_file_flagdead_file_flagTextIndicates the Corporations and Other Business Entity Database does not include the entire filing record history for the entity. 'F' means the document is the first record in the filing history and that other prior document(s) are not on file with DOS. 'D' means that only part of the filing history is in the Database and that the DOS Card Index includes information on other documents filed with DOS
Amd Purps. Flagamd_purps_flagamd_purps_flagText'X' indicates an amendment to the Purpose of an entity
Amd Prov. Flagamd_prov_flagamd_prov_flagText'X' indicates a change to a provision in the document indicated. This is a catch-all for amendments or changes not covered by other amendment flags
Amd Foreign formation Date Flagamd_for_inc_date_flagamd_for_inc_date_flagText'X' indicates a change to the formation date of a foreign entity. This is the date when a foreign entity was formed in the jurisdiction of its formation
Admin Name Flagadmin_name_flagadmin_name_flagText'X' indicated that during a previous data conversion this filing has the correct name of the entity. This flag does not affect the current name of the entity.
Fict Namefict_namefict_nameTextFictitious name of foreign entity, if any
Document TypedocumenttypedocumenttypeTextType of document filed (e.g., “certificate of incorporation”)
Entity Namecorp_namecorp_nameTextTrue/Real name of an entity
Mod Cert Codemod_certcodemod_certcodeTextThe mod cert code, taken together with the information in the LAW field, is a description of the type of document represented by this record
Foreign Formation Datefor_inc_datefor_inc_dateTextDate on which a foreign entity was formed in the jurisdiction of its formation
Dis Eff Datedis_eff_datedis_eff_dateTextDate on which a dissolution becomes effective
Eff Dateeff_dateeff_dateCalendar dateEffective Date of the document filed
Approved Dateapproved_dateapproved_dateCalendar dateDate the document was approved by the Department of State for filing
Date Fileddate_fileddate_filedCalendar dateThe date the document was filed by Department of State
Amd NFP Category Flagamd_nfp_type_flagamd_nfp_type_flagText'X' indicates a change to the Not-For-Profit Corporation category
Restate Cert Flagrestate_cert_flagrestate_cert_flagText'X' indicates the filing is a Restated Certificate of Incorporation
Entity TypeentitytypeentitytypeTextType of entity (e.g., “business corporation”)
Amd Fict Name Flagamd_fict_name_flagamd_fict_name_flagTextFictitious name indicator for the filing. '1' means maintain the fictitious name, '2' means the fictitious name was amended or changed, '3' means the fictitious name is being dropped or deactivated, '4' means a fictitious name was added to the entity
Cnty Prin Ofccnty_prin_ofccnty_prin_ofcTextCounty in which the office or principal office of the entity is to be located
LawlawlawTextThe law under which the document was filed
Amd Withdr Prtnr Flagamd_withdr_prtnr_flagamd_withdr_prtnr_flagText'X' indicates the withdraw of a general partner from a limited partnership
Amd Share Flagamd_stock_flagamd_stock_flagText'X' indicates a change in the Share information
Amd Reg Agt Flagamd_reg_agt_flagamd_reg_agt_flagText'X' indicates a change in the Registered Agent’s address
Amd SOP Address Flagamd_procs_info_flagamd_procs_info_flagText'X' indicates a change to the Service of Process address
Amd For Juris Flagamd_for_juris_flagamd_for_juris_flagText‘X' indicates a change to the foreign entity’s jurisdiction of formation
Amd Admit Prtnr Flagamd_admit_prtnr_flagamd_admit_prtnr_flagText'X' indicates the addition of a general partner to a limited partnership
Filing Numfilm_numfilm_numTextUnique ID Number for each document filed
DOS ID Numbercorpid_numcorpid_numNumberDOS Unique ID number for each entity
Amd Dura Flagamd_dura_flagamd_dura_flagText'X' indicates a change in Corporation’s duration date or the latest date of dissolution for a Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnership
JurisdictionjurisjurisTextState or country of formation
Amd Chair Flagamd_chair_flagamd_chair_flagText'X' indicates the addition or amendment to the Name and/or business address of the Chief Executive Office
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