DEC Land Acquisition Annual Reports: Beginning 1990

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DEC Land Acquisition Annual Reports: Beginning 1990

Land acquisition projects completed by DEC reported since the institution of the required Annual Land Acquisition Report in ECL § 49-0213.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Project Numberproject_numberproject_numberTextThe DEC assigned number associated with the project.
Land Acquisition Categoryland_acquisition_categoryland_acquisition_categoryTextIndicates type of acquisition as it relates to the state’s Open Space Conservation Plan and the purpose for which the land was purchased. Open Space Plan Category Meaning <blank> Data is Missing AC Access AFE Adirondack Forest Easement AFP Adirondack Forest Preserve AFP/AFE Adirondack Forest Preserve/ Adirondack Forest Easement ARA Aquifer Recharge Area BLA Boundary Line Agreement CFE Catksill Forest Easement CFP Catskill Forest Preserve E-ESB Exceptional Scenic Beauty – 1986 Bond Act EFC Exceptional Forest Character EFP Exceptional Forest or Plan Community E-FWL Freshwater Wetlands – 1986 Bond Act E-IWA Inland Waterway Access – 1986 Bond Act E-OS Open Space - 1986 Bond Act ESB Exceptional Scenic Beauty ESB-CE Exceptional Scenic Beauty – Conservation Easement E-TR Trailways - 1986 Bond Act E-UC Unique Area - 1986 Bond Act EX Exchange FP Floodplain Preservation FWL Freshwater Wetlands GW Greenways HA Heritage Area IWA Inland Waterway Access NYC-MOA NYC Watershed Agreement (Memorandum of Agreement) OS Open Space PB Pine Barrens PFR Public Fishing Rights PL Parklands PLA Enhancement of Public Lands (access) PLB Enhancement of Public Lands (buffer) PLC Enhancement of Public Lands (consolidation) Q-AC Access - 1972 Bond Act Q-FWL Freshwater Wetlands – 1972 Bond Act Q-SR Stream Rights - 1972 Bond Act Q-TWL Tidal Wetlands - 1972 Bond Act SCR Scenic Resources SLP Shoreline Protection SP Small Project SRA State Reforestation Area TOJ Transfer of Jurisdiction TR Trailways TWA Tidal Waterway Access TWL Tidal Wetlands UA Unique Area UC Unique Character WA Waterway Access WH Wildlife Habitat WL Working Landscape WSP Watershed Protection
CountycountycountyTextCounty in which majority of project acreage is located.
Acres (Fee)acres_feeacres_feeNumberAcres of land purchased by DEC Fee simple - an absolute interest in land over which the holder has complete freedom of disposition during his/her life. Note: negative values in Acres (Fee) represent transfers to other state agencies, conveyances to New York City Department of Environmental Protection for drinking water protection (conservation easement retained by DEC), or an exchange of land (a net gain in acreage for DEC).
DEC Regiondec_regiondec_regionNumberAdministrative region for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation http://www.dec.ny.gov/about/50230.html
NotesnotesnotesTextAdditional information
Deed Vesting Datedeed_vesting_datedeed_vesting_dateCalendar dateDate the deed was recorded by the county clerk.
Acres (Conservation Easement)acres_conservation_easementacres_conservation_easementNumberAcres of land purchase through a conservation easement. Conservation easement - a power invested in a qualified private land conservation organization (often called a "land trust") or government (municipal, county, state or federal) to constrain, as to a specified land area, the exercise of rights otherwise held by a landowner so as to achieve certain conservation purposes. It is an interest in real property established by agreement between a landowner and land trust or unit of government. The conservation easement "runs with the land," meaning it is applicable to both present and future owners of the land. As with other real property interests, the grant of conservation easement is recorded in the local land records; the grant becomes a part of the chain of title for the property. In New York State, conservation easements are governed by Title 3 of Article 49 of the state’s Environmental Conservation Law, which defines a conservation easement as an easement, covenant, restriction or other interest in real property, created under and subject to the provisions of Title 3 of article 49 of the Environmental Conservation Law which limits or restricts development, management or use of such real property for the purpose of preserving or maintaining the scenic, open, historic, archaeological, architectural, or natural condition, character, significance or amenities of the real property in a manner consistent with the public policy and purpose set forth in section 49-0301 of the Environmental Conservation Law, provided that no such easement shall be acquired or held by the state which is subject to the provisions of Article XIV of the State Constitution.
Equivalent Stream Milesequivalent_milesequivalent_milesNumberThe unit of measurement for Public Fishing Rights (PFR) easements, which allow the public to walk along the stream banks for the sole purpose of fishing. Easements along stream banks are normally 33 feet in width, but can vary depending on the purchased rights. One equivalent stream mile is one mile of stream bank on both sides of the stream. If a PFR easement covers one mile on one bank it is considered one half mile of equivalent stream miles. For more information on PFR: http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/7746.html. Equivalent Stream Miles is not used as a unit of measurement for fee acquisition nor other forms of easements (i.e. conservation easement).
Project Name (Alias)project_name_aliasproject_name_aliasTextName given to project during acquisition process. The property name may change after acquisition because the project name often includes the seller’s family name. The project name does not generally match the name eventually given to the land unit after the acquisition is complete.

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