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Fish Stocking Lists (Actual): Beginning 2011

DEC stocks approximately 900,000 pounds of fish into more than 1,200 public streams, rivers, lakes and ponds across the state. Also included in the data are public stockings by Essex, Onondaga and Warren counties.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
WaterbodywaterbodywaterbodyTextName of waterbody in which the fish were stocked.
CountycountycountyTextNYS county where stocking occurred.
SpeciesspeciesspeciesTextSpecies of fish stocked.
TowntowntownTextTown where stocking occurred.
YearyearyearNumberYear stocking occurred.
Size (Inches)size_inchessize_inchesNumberSize range of fish stocked.
MonthmonthmonthTextMonth in which the fish were stocked.
NumbernumbernumberNumberNumber of fish stocked.
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