Highway Mileage: Beginning 2008

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Highway Mileage: Beginning 2008

The Highway Mileage Report is an annual publication that lists the mileage of roadway and maintenance jurisdiction/ownership of roadways within each municipality of New York State. Information is current as of the publication date.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Other Mileageother_mileageother_mileageNumberVarious other agencies, authorities, and commissions have responsibility for highways in the State, in addition to those owned by NYSDOT. These include non-DOT parkways, Reservation roads, Federal agency roads, institutional roads, and toll roads such as
Total Centerline Highway Mileagetotal_centerline_highway_mileagetotal_centerline_highway_mileageNumberThe sum of all local and state highway mileage appears in this column.
NYSDOT Mileagenysdot_mileagenysdot_mileageNumberHighway centerline mileage for all roadway sections owned by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)
County Mileagecounty_mileagecounty_mileageNumberCounty-owned highway centerline mileage that is located within each city, town, and village
Local Mileagelocal_mileagelocal_mileageNumberThe sum of the town, village, city and county highway mileage for each minor civil division within the county.
NYSDOT Geocodenysdot_geocodenysdot_geocodeNumberEach city, town, and village has been assigned a unique four digit geographic code to facilitate the processing of highway mileage data.
Touring Route Mileagetouring_route_mileagetouring_route_mileageNumberTouring route numbers are posted along a route and are used primarily as a motorist aid.

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