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Real Property Tax Rates Levy Data By Municipality: Beginning 2004

The Department of Taxation and Finance annually produces a data file providing property tax rates and levies for the taxing jurisdictions in New York State. The data are culled from files on the State Comptroller’s website. The dataset takes each school district segment and provides the levy for county, municipal and school tax purposes, as well as the tax rates that apply in those taxing jurisdictions.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Fiscal Year Endingfiscal_year_endingfiscal_year_endingNumberNew York State fiscal year
School District Tax Rate (per $1000 value)school_district_tax_rate_per_1000_assessed_valueschool_district_tax_rate_per_1000_assessed_valueNumberSchool tax rate on municipality
School District Tax Levyschool_district_tax_levyschool_district_tax_levyNumberLevy for school district purposes
Municipal Tax Rate Inside Village (per $1000 value)municipal_tax_rate_inside_village_per_1000_assessed_valuemunicipal_tax_rate_inside_village_per_1000_assessed_valueNumberMunicipal tax rate on municipality located inside a village
Municipal Tax Rate Outside Village (per $1000 value)municipal_tax_rate_outside_village_per_1000_assessed_valuemunicipal_tax_rate_outside_village_per_1000_assessed_valueNumberMunicipal tax rate on municipality not located inside a village
Municipality Tax Levymunicipality_tax_levymunicipality_tax_levyNumberLevy for municipal purposes
County Tax Rate Inside Village (per $1000 value)county_tax_rate_inside_village_per_1000_assessed_valuecounty_tax_rate_inside_village_per_1000_assessed_valueNumberCounty tax rate on municipality located inside a village
County Tax Levycounty_tax_levycounty_tax_levyNumberLevy for county purposes
Type of Value on which Tax Rates are appliedtype_of_value_on_whichtax_rates_are_appliedtype_of_value_on_whichtax_rates_are_appliedTextEither Assessed value or Full value; the type of value on which the various tax rates are applied for tax amount calculation. Note: Tax rates prior to FYE2013 are applied to assessed value rather than full value.
School Nameschool_nameschool_nameTextName of school district
School Codeschool_codeschool_codeTextTax and Finance code for school district
MunicipalitymunicipalitymunicipalityTextName of municipality
Swis Codeswis_codeswis_codeTextTax and Finance code for municipality
Roll Yearroll_yearroll_yearNumberYear on which taxes were levied
CountycountycountyTextName of county of municipality
County Tax Rate Outside Village (per $1000 value)county_tax_rate_outside_village_per_1000_assessed_valuecounty_tax_rate_outside_village_per_1000_assessed_valueNumberCounty tax rate on municipality not located inside a village
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