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Residential Existing Homes (One-to-Four Units) Energy Efficiency Projects for Households with Income up to 60% State Median Income: Beginning January 2018

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER BEFORE USING DATA. To reduce the energy burden on income-qualified households within New York State, NYSERDA offers the EmPower New York (EmPower) program, a retrofit program that provides cost-effective electric reduction measures (i.e., primarily lighting and refrigerator replacements), and cost-effective home performance measures (i.e., insulation air sealing, heating system repair and replacments, and health and safety measures) to income qualified homeowners and renters. Home assessments and implementation services are provided by Building Performance Institute (BPI) Goldstar contractors to reduce energy use for low income households. This data set includes energy efficiency projects completed since January 2018 for households with income up to 60% area (county) median income.

D I S C L A I M E R: Estimated Annual kWh Savings, Estimated Annual MMBtu Savings, and First Year Energy Savings $ Estimate represent contractor reported savings derived from energy modeling software calculations and not actual realized energy savings. The accuracy of the Estimated Annual kWh Savings and Estimated Annual MMBtu Savings for projects has been evaluated by an independent third party. The results of the impact analysis indicate that, on average, actual savings amount to 54 percent of the Estimated Annual kWh Savings and 70 percent of the Estimated Annual MMBtu Savings. The analysis did not evaluate every single project, but rather a sample of projects from 2007 and 2008, so the results are applicable to the population on average but not necessarily to any individual project which could have over or under achieved in comparison to the evaluated savings. The results from the impact analysis will be updated when more recent information is available. Some reasons individual households may realize savings different from those projected include, but are not limited to, changes in the number or needs of household members, changes in occupancy schedules, changes in energy usage behaviors, changes to appliances and electronics installed in the home, and beginning or ending a home business. For more information, please refer to the Evaluation Report published on NYSERDA’s website at: https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/-/media/Files/Publications/PPSER/Program-Evaluation/2012ContractorReports/2012-EmPower-New-York-Impact-Report.pdf.

This dataset includes the following data points for projects completed after January 1, 2018: Reporting Period, Project ID, Project County, Project City, Project ZIP, Gas Utility, Electric Utility, Project Completion Date, Total Project Cost (USD), Pre-Retrofit Home Heating Fuel Type, Year Home Built, Size of Home, Number of Units, Job Type, Type of Dwelling, Measure Type, Estimated Annual kWh Savings, Estimated Annual MMBtu Savings, First Year Modeled Energy Savings $ Estimate (USD).

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Job Typejob_typejob_typeTextIndicates whether the project includes only electric reduction measures (Electric Reduction) or is a comprehensive (Home Performance) project including both electric and heating efficiency improvements
Reporting Periodreporting_periodreporting_periodCalendar dateThe time period covered by the dataset
Location 1location_1location_1PointOpen Data/Socrata-generated geocoding information
Type Of Dwellingtype_of_dwellingtype_of_dwellingTextGeneral home category describing the dwelling as Single Family, 2-4 Family, Multi Family, or Manufactured/Mobile Home
Location 1 (state)location_1_statelocation_1_stateText
Estimated Annual kWh Savingsestimated_annual_kwh_savingsestimated_annual_kwh_savingsNumberAnnual post-retrofit modeled electric savings estimate in kWh. Negative numbers represent projects with post-retrofit increase in electric consumption, typically from fuel conversions or ancillary savings. Projects with zero kWh represent projects with only health and safety measures, and customer efficiency education
Measure Typemeasure_typemeasure_typeTextMeasure classification describing primary project improvement defined as Combination-Home Performance, Combination-Electric Reduction, Heating Repair/Replacement, Refrigerator/Freezer Replacement, CFL/LED Lighting, Shell, Shower Head Replacement, or Other
Location 1 (address)location_1_addresslocation_1_addressText
Number Of Unitsnumber_of_unitsnumber_of_unitsNumberNumber of units served by the Program. Data may include exceptions to the One-to-Four units, which were approved by NYSERDA on a case-by-case basis
Location 1 (zip)location_1_ziplocation_1_zipText
Size Of Homesize_of_homesize_of_homeTextSquare footage of home. Blank cells indicate data not reported by the contractor
Project Countyproject_countyproject_countyTextName of county for project location
Project IDproject_idproject_idTextUnique identifier for project
Electric Utilityelectric_utilityelectric_utilityTextName of electric utility for project location
Estimated Annual MMBtu Savingsestimated_annual_mmbtu_savingsestimated_annual_mmbtu_savingsNumberAnnual post-retrofit modeled MMBtu savings based on primary fuel type. Negative numbers represent projects with post-retrofit increase in MMBtu consumption, typically from fuel conversions or ancillary savings. Projects with zero MMBtu represent projects with only health and safety measures, and customer efficiency education
First Year Modeled Project Energy Savings $ Estimatefirst_year_modeled_project_energy_savings_estimatefirst_year_modeled_project_energy_savings_estimateNumberEstimated post-retrofit first year dollar savings (USD). Negative numbers represent projects with estimated post-retrofit first year dollar expenses, typically occurring when non-energy work was completed such as health and safety improvements, or when work was done in conjunction with another, net positive energy savings project. Projects with zero energy savings dollars represent projects with only health and safety measures, and customer efficiency education
New York Zip Codes:@computed_region_wbg7_3whc:@computed_region_wbg7_3whcNumber
Project Cityproject_cityproject_cityTextName of city for project location
NYS Municipal Boundaries:@computed_region_yamh_8v7k:@computed_region_yamh_8v7kNumber
Year Home Builtyear_home_builtyear_home_builtTextHome construction date. Blank cells indicate data not reported by the contractor
Total Project Costtotal_project_costtotal_project_costNumberCost of project (USD). NYSERDA incentive currently at 100% of the total project cost. Total Project Costs less than $100 often reflects mileage-only billing for projects with minor work scopes
Pre-Retrofit Home Heating Fuel Typepre_retrofit_home_heating_fuel_typepre_retrofit_home_heating_fuel_typeTextIndicates the pre-retrofit primary heating fuel type. Either coal, electricity, kerosene, natural gas, oil, other, pellets, propane, or wood
Gas Utilitygas_utilitygas_utilityTextName of gas utility for project location. If blank, then utility was not reported, or project location is not served by a gas utility
Location 1 (city)location_1_citylocation_1_cityText
Project Completion Dateproject_completion_dateproject_completion_dateCalendar dateDate final project completion paperwork was reviewed and approved by Program
Project ZIPproject_zipproject_zipTextZIP code for project location
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