Title and Salary Listing

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Title and Salary Listing

The Title and Salary Listing is a compilation of job titles under the jurisdiction of the Department of Civil Service.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Federal Occupational Code Descriptionfederal_occupational_code_descriptionfederal_occupational_code_descriptionTextThe federal occupational category description for the title. See http://www.cs.ny.gov/cc/focdef.cfm for further descriptions.
Jurisdictional Classification Descriptionjurisdictional_classification_descriptionjurisdictional_classification_descriptionTextThe title's jurisdictional classification name.
Agency Codeagency_codeagency_codeTextFive digit code that indicates where the position(s) are located. A value of XXXXX means that the positions exist in more than one agency.
Job LevellevellevelTextA characteristic (code) that helps to identify a title under certain common criteria. Codes exist only for certain title types.
Negotiating Unitnegotiating_unitnegotiating_unitTextTwo digit numeric code identifying the negotiating unit assignment
Federal Occupational Codefederal_occupational_codefederal_occupational_codeNumberIdentifies the federal occupational category code for the title.
Jurisdictional Classificationjurisdictional_classificationjurisdictional_classificationNumberThe title's jurisdictional classification code.
Title Codetitle_codetitle_codeTextNYS Title Code 7 digit code The first two digits of a title code identify the occupational group to which the title belongs.
GradegradegradeTextTwo-character salary grade assigned to the title.
Title Nametitle_nametitle_nameTextLong name associated with a NYS job title.
Filled Positionsfilled_positionsfilled_positionsNumberNumber of positions filled when report was run
Effective Dateeffective_dateeffective_dateCalendar dateDate the position became effective (was established) by Classification and Compensation; July 1, 1998 indicates that the position was established prior to existing systems capturing that information.
Standard Numberstandard_numberstandard_numberTextShows whether a Classification Standard has been published for a title. The Standard Number is a seven digit number that is the same as the Title Code for a title or the Title Code for the lowest level title in the series. To See the classification standard, go to the Title Plan page and find that title: http://www.cs.ny.gov/tsplan/tsp.html
Agency Descriptionagency_descriptionagency_descriptionTextAgency Name
Job Level Descriptionlevel_descriptionlevel_descriptionTextA description for the code that indicates the title type . Codes exist only for certain title types as follows: Temporary Title, Approved ; Appointed Official ; Pending Budget Approval ; Career Ladder ; Elected Official ; Intermittent ; Journeyman, Approved ; Seasonal Title Only ; Trainee, Approved
Negotiating Unit Descriptionnegotiating_unit_descriptionnegotiating_unit_descriptionTextName of the negotiating unit assignment

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