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Transportation Fuels Spot Prices: Beginning 2006

Transportation Fuels Spot Prices dataset provides weekly average spot price information for New York Harbor Conventional Gasoline, New York Harbor Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel as well as Western Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent crude oil. The data is presented as a weekly average from June 2006 through current. Jet fuel wholesale price is included on a monthly basis on a 3 month lag.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
NY Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Spot Price ($/gal)ny_ultra_low_sulfur_diesel_spot_price_galny_ultra_low_sulfur_diesel_spot_price_galNumberWeekly average ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel spot price for New York Harbor ($/gal).
WTI Crude Oil Spot Price ($/barrel)wti_crude_oil_spot_price_barrelwti_crude_oil_spot_price_barrelNumberWeekly average Cushing, Oklahoma WTI crude oil spot price ($/barrel).
Brent Crude Oil Spot Price ($/barrel)brent_crude_oil_spot_price_barrelbrent_crude_oil_spot_price_barrelNumberWeekly average Europe Brent crude oil spot price ($/barrel).
NY Conventional Gasoline Spot Price ($/gal)ny_conventional_gasoline_spot_price_galny_conventional_gasoline_spot_price_galNumberWeekly average conventional gasoline spot price for New York Harbor ($/gal).
NY Jet Fuel Price ($/gal)ny_jet_fuel_price_galny_jet_fuel_price_galNumberMonthly average kerosene-type jet fuel wholesale/resale price by refiners for New York ($/gal). The monthly average jet fuel price is provided in the first week of each month; the other weeks in the month are blank.
DatedatedateCalendar dateWeekly Friday from June 2006 through Current.
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