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Utility Base Rate Change - Delivery Rates Beginning 1998

Utility Base Rate Change - Delivery Rates Beginning 1998

Summary of utility base rate changes since 1998 for major NYS utilities.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
CommentcommentcommentTextThis describes whether the percentage change is related to the total average bill of customers or the total delivery-only portion of their bill.
Change, Percentchange_percentchange_percentNumberThis is the percentage change in rates.
Change, Millions of Dollarschange_millions_of_dollarschange_millions_of_dollarsNumberThis is the dollar amount of the rate change, in milions.
Date Effectivedate_effectivedate_effectiveCalendar dateThis is the date the rate change took effect.
CasecasecaseTextThis is the case number assigned to the company’s request to modify its rates.
Electric/Gaselectric_gaselectric_gasTextThis is the type of service electric or gas, whose rates changed.
CompanycompanycompanyTextThe name of the company whose rates changed.

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