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Fort Collins Homeless/Transient Police Contacts

Bi-weekly homeless/transient contacts made by police services August 2016 to last month. Includes 4 most common call types.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Week Beginningweek_beginningweek_beginningCalendar date
1st most common call_1st_most_common_call_1st_most_common_callText
4th most common call_4th_most_common_call_4th_most_common_callText
Week Endingweek_endingweek_endingCalendar date
Total Transient/Homeless related incidentstotal_transient_homeless_related_incidentstotal_transient_homeless_related_incidentsNumber
2nd most common call_2nd_most_common_call_2nd_most_common_callText
3rd most common call_3rd_most_common_call_3rd_most_common_callText
meta_row_indexmeta_row_indexmeta_row_indexNumberMetadata field for a suggested sort order. Sort this column in ascending order to order the dataset the way it was intended from the source system.
meta_row_idmeta_row_idmeta_row_idTextMetadata field for record hash. This field is a SHA-1 hash of all other fields in the record, used for validation of record uniqueness.
Average calls per dayaverage_calls_per_dayaverage_calls_per_dayNumber
Upstream Metadata