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Accessible Housing For Seniors FY13

Accessible Housing For Seniors FY13

Accessible Housing For Seniors is a sub-set of the Maryland Rehabilitation Loan Program. Numbers are tracked individually, when the rehabilitation work involves strictly accessibility features. Often times accessiblity improvements/rehabilitation is done as part of a larger project and the funding does not reflect in these numbers. For more information please visit


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
$ AHFP Closed Loansahfp_closed_loansahfp_closed_loansNumber
# AHFP Applications Receivedahfp_applications_receivedahfp_applications_receivedNumber
# AHFP Units Closedahfp_units_closedahfp_units_closedNumber
$ AHFP Committedahfp_committedahfp_committedNumber
MonthmonthmonthCalendar date
# AHFP Units Committedahfp_units_committedahfp_units_committedNumber

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