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Chesapeake Bay Pollution Loads - Sediment

Sediment pollution from contributing sources in Bay watershed, tons per year. 1985, 2007, and 2009 - 2012 progress; 2017 and 2025 target loads. Target loads for sediment were not broken out to a scale finer than major basin. Data source: EPA Phase 5.3.2 Watershed Model.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Total Sediment, 2010 (T)_2010_2010Numbertotal sediment for fiscal year 2010 (tons/year)
Total Sediment, 2011 (T)_2011_2011Numbertotal sediment for fiscal year 2011 (tons/year)
Total Sediment, 2012 (T)_2012_2012Numbertotal sediment for fiscal year 2012 (tons/year)
Total Sediment, 2009 (T)_2009_2009Numbertotal sediment for fiscal year 2009 (tons/year)
Total Sediment, 2013 (T)_2013_2013Numbertotal sediment for fiscal year 2013 (tons/year)
Land-River Segmentland_river_segmentland_river_segmentTextSmallest boundary delineated
Major Basinmajor_basinmajor_basinTextmajor basin name
Tributary Basintrib_basintrib_basinTexttributary basin name
Total Sediment, 1985 (T)_1985_1985Numbertotal sediment for fiscal year 1985 (tons/year)
Source Sectorsource_sectorsource_sectorTextsource of pollution measured
Total Sediment, 2007 (T)_2007_2007Numbertotal sediment for fiscal year 2007 (tons/year)
Total Sediment, 2014 (T)total_sediment_2014_ttotal_sediment_2014_tNumbertotal sediment for fiscal year 2014 (tons/year
Total Sediment, 2016 (T)total_sediment_2016_ttotal_sediment_2016_tNumbertotal sediment for fiscal year 2016 (tons/year
Total Sediment Target, 2025 (T)ts_target_2025ts_target_2025NumberMaryland phase II wastershed implementation plan final target loads, fiscal year 2025 (tons/year).
FIPSfipsfipsTextFIPS county code
CountycountycountyTextcounty name
Total Sediment, 2015 (T)total_sediment_2015_ttotal_sediment_2015_tNumbertotal sediment for fiscal year 2015 (tons/year
Total Sediment Target, 2017 (T)ts_target_2017ts_target_2017NumberMaryland phase II wastershed implementation plan target loads, fiscal year 2017 (tons/year).
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